Western spirit

Notes July 18th, 2018:

So here I am. On this cattle ranch, nestled at the base of the majestic Canadian Rockies in southwestern Alberta. Not only am I grateful waking up every morning to this stunning nature, but there is something else in the air here, and no, it’s not the horse smell.
It is the people, this ‚cowboy way of life‘ that I am attracted to – and it’s way deeper than the realization that a cowboy is someone who works with his hands, who is self-sufficient, in tune with the changing seasons and drives herds of cattle in the bush on his horse.
It is way more than that, and I feel it in every man I meet here: this spirit, this unwritten code, developed throughout the years, understood by all. Values like courage, pride, consistency, hardship, toughness, fairness, and so much more.
Modern society can learn a lot from these old western cowboys and I’ll take a lot home!

Pardner Ody

Riding in the sunset

More Ody

Happy smile from doggo Crocket

Majestic Rocky Mountains

Jana on Indie and me

Running over the fields


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