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I am Julia, Jules, Julisa… – my artist name isn’t defined yet. 22 years on this planet and I already experienced quite a lot – yet not enough.

I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, and left my home after my Abitur (A-Level) to live abroad and work as an au pair in San Francisco, California. This blog was originally created for all the adventures I experienced in the United States. Currently I am redesigning the website to my personal portfolio and working on an e-book with all my au pair experience, roadtrips, advices, processes etc (Germans need structure!).

Why 22nd-Avenue? Well, my favorite café ‚Angelinas‘ in San Francisco was located at 22nd and California street. I was sitting there quiet often with a coffee, veggie-sandwich (best in town!!) and my laptop to blog.
22nd-Avenue is a street with lot’s of intersections which is basically how life works – it’s a long way with lot’s of changes and directions you can go – ideally you end up at the beach.

I stayed two years in the beautiful Bay Area but needed to move on after the time ended so I started studying Media- and Business Psychology in Berlin.


1,5 years later I find myself in another country again: the Netherlands. As an Erasmus student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam I got into the „Global Trendwatching Minor„.

I am a market researcher, trend expert und world traveler – I love  living abroad on my own and discovering new cultures, lifestyles and myself all over again.








More interests to add?
I get lost in art, my heart belongs to the horses and I can’t wait to pack my bag after my bachelor and do a workaway experience!

Next stop for now will be Canada: From August to March 2018 I will be working and living on a horse farm near Toronto, getting to know the equine business and combining my hobby with my job.

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